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About Us

CLS is a company of three - created, run, and managed by a mother & daughters: Stephanie, Hannah and Erika. We started our shop in 2017 working together out of our family home's basement. Our shop really wasn't a shop when we started. It was just us making candles because we seemed to be burning through them more quickly than we could buy them. Little did we know that our enjoyment of creating these products would inspire us enough to expand into soaps and lotions too! 

 Currently, we are located out of:

 Salt Lake City, UT & Macomb, MI

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Our Process

Creative Loops Studio LLC creates handcrafted candles, soaps, lotions, body butters and scrubs. Our products are hand-poured, naturally based items scented with essential and/or fragrance oils.

Our soaps are created using cold process and rebatch techniques. Cold process soaps are made with lye and require advanced preparation to ensure that the bars cure for 4-6 weeks creating a harder and longer lasting bar when bathing. Rebatch technique uses previously created cold process soap bases, which are shredded, melted and fragranced for a quicker turn around time when making soap.